EU PDF Pattern - Fairy Godmouse


Due to a recent European law* I now have to deliver PDF patterns to EU customers outside of the UK manually (rather than using my speedy automatic delivery system). I have therefore created these EU-specific listings** for my digital patterns, because shoppers from EU member states will no longer be able to order PDF patterns from my standard pattern listings. Unfortunately as things stand this is the only way I can keep selling digital patterns to you lovely people in the EU.

These patterns are identical to my standard pattern listings in all but delivery format. Full details of this Fairy Godmouse pattern can be found here.

If you are a (non-UK) EU customer**, please order this version of the Fairy Godmouse pattern. I will send your pattern to you manually (by email or file transfer) as soon as I can after checkout, and no later than two working days after you place your order (unless I am away or on holiday, in which case there will be a banner at the top of the page telling you when I will return and when to expect your delivery).

*For more information on this ridiculous ruling and to find out how you can help us change it, please see my blog post here.

**If you are in the UK or in any other country that is not an EU member state (e.g. Australia, Canada, USA, etc.) then this listing does not apply to you and you can buy the individual, automatically delivered version of this pattern (the one without a blue EU flag on it) as usual - find it here.

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