Fairy Godmouse Videos

Let's make Fairy Godmouse!

You can now find tutorial videos for all the cindermice characters in my Cindermice YouTube playlist HERE.

Some of the steps are the same no matter which mouse you are making, so if you are making Mouse Charming or Fairy Godmouse and there is no video for a specific step, please use the Cindermouse version - the process is the same. Please also note that if you have one of the 2016 kits from Cloud Craft then the colours in the videos will be different to those in your kit - check the instructions included with your kit to make sure you are using the right colours for the right parts.

I have tried to cover every little thing I can think of that you might want to know, so there is quite a lot of information in each video. Whilst you can watch all of the videos before you start if you want to, I have made many parts in real-time with the intention that you can literally stitch along with me. This means that some of them are quite long, and the best way to use them is to watch a bit of the video, pause it to complete the bits you need, and then carry on watching where you left off.

Take your time with each step and feel free to skip the sections that you already know how to do, or do things your own sweet way - there is more than one way to skin a mouse after all!

You can see some of the little Cindermice characters other people have made on Instagram by clicking on the #cindermicestitchalong tag - feel free to add the tag to your own photos to join in! You can also tag @whatdelilahdid and @cloudcraft in the photo for good measure to make sure we see your handiwork (we love to see what you make with our patterns/kits!).



Videos for each individual step can be found here:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3 (Same as Cindermouse)

Step 4 (Same as Cindermouse)

Step 5 (Same as Cindermouse)

Step 6 (Same as Cindermouse)

Step 7 (Same as Cindermouse)

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10