This page covers all the things you need to know about placing an order from my shop. Please have a look through and ensure that you are happy with the policies before placing an order. Please feel free to contact me using the form if you have any questions or concerns and I shall do my very best to answer them.

{ I really like your patterns but I haven't tried cross stitch before, will I be able to do it? }

Certainly! Cross stitch is in my opinion the easiest type of embroidery you can do, and since my patterns are worked in one colour they are perfect for beginners. You may like to try one of the beginner kits or small patterns to begin with as they have simpler designs and fewer stitches so are good for getting the hang of things. I also have cross stitch guides available to download for free here.

{ I don't have a printer/my printer is rubbish - can you print the patterns for me? }

Absolutely, I am happy to print patterns and send them out to you. Please note there will be an extra cost for this service which will depend upon where you are in the world and which pattern(s) you wish to buy. If you need printed patterns sending out please contact me with your address and details of the patterns you are interested in and I shall get back to you with a quote.

{ I clicked the link to download my pattern/free guide but it doesn't seem to have worked, what happened? }

Some computers automatically download files to a special "downloads" file without letting you choose where to save them, so the chances are your file is probably languishing in some hidden corner of your computer. It can often be found by going to:

My Computer - C Drive - Users - {Your Name} - Downloads

Failing this, doing a search for the file from your start menu (typing part of the pattern name, e.g. "guardian" into the search field) will probably dig it up.

{ I didn't download my PDF pattern(s) in time and now the link has expired - help! }

Please contact me with the details of your original order (name, email address, date of order and products ordered) and I will arrange a new file for you. The easiest way to do this is to forward your original email order confirmation to [email protected], along with a note explaining the issue. That way I'll have all the information I need to track down your order.

{ What is a PDF pattern/how do I use it? }

This page explains all about PDF patterns.